We Work Hard To Provide You The Authentic Teas And The Essence of Tea Cultures.

Loongese is committed to building a creative art space to promote multiculture, art, entertainment and offline activities.

Furthermore, Loongese is a reliable supplier of high-quality and diverse teas, a retailer of Leonidas Chocolates from Belgium, a relaxing tearoom for Gongfu tea ceremony, and a boutique for exotic art wares and diverse paintings.


As an explorer of life & art, Guodong worked as a team leader of cultural management consultants for eight years. He traveled around China, experienced various cultures and customs, and accumulated impressive experience on numbers of successful projects.

Aiming to connect the East and the West cultures and provide healthy, natural, and delicious products to the community, Guodong and Juan built the physical creative space of Loongese in Laval in 2019.



Creative Space

Based on Guodong and Juan’s rich experience in cultural and creative projects, Guodong built the website of Loongese in 2016 for cultural communication.

Using teas, ceramics, and paintings as carriers, Loongese creative culture space was constructed in Laval in 2019. As a new start, we hope to present authentic oriental culture and enrich the local cultural life through Loongese creative space.

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